Installing your new Hi Stall Torque Converter


Fitting Instructions  -  Pre Installation Checks  


Points to check before fitting your new Hi Stall Torque Converter:


Is your front transmission seal OK, replace it if in doubt.


 Ensure there are no missing dowell pins in the block or bell housing.


Ensure flexplate has no more than .025" (.6mm) runout.


Check flexplate for cracks, now is a good time to check for worn ringgear teeth.


Crankshaft should not have excessive end float. 


Fitting Your Hi Stall Torque Converter

 Pre check torque converter spigot depth, hold torque converter up to flexplate and ensure that spigot is going into the crankshaft sufficient depth to support front cover.

 Note: Torque converter is supported and aligned by the front cover spigot not the torque converter bolts.
Lube up drive neck of torque converter. (internals have been pre-lubed ready for start up).
Place torque converter carefully over transmission input shaft, engage drive neck through front seal while turning torque converter at the same time.

 You now need to feel for three engagements as you push and turn the torque converter onto the input shaft spline, inner stator race spline and finally engaging the drive neck into the transmission pump drive gear lugs.

If engaged correctly, when you turn the torque converter back and forth you can usually hear a click click noise, this is the drive neck moving the pump drive gear left to right in the transmission pump housing.

Apply some anti-seize compound to spigot, you are now ready to fit the transmission to the engine block, while lifting make sure the torque converter does not slide out of transmission pump.

When positioned up onto the dowell pins and bolted flush with the block, there should be a clearance of approximately 4 mm (1/4") between flexplate face and torque converter front cover adapter plate.

This can be checked by pushing torque converter forward into pump assembly and viewing clearance.

If for any reason there appears to be insufficient clearance, DO NOT FIT call 0800730430.

 Insufficient clearance will result in totally destroying the transmission pump assembly.
 If clearance is within specs draw torque converter up to flexplate face and install torque converter bolts using locktight.
On first start up, the transmission pump will immediately fill the torque converter with oil, there is no run-in period for the torque converter.  
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